Using a new Tool – ToonDoo

My first attempt at ToonDoo one of the tools suggested by the Cogdog…rough but fun haha!



About mickpanko

New HS vice-principal...trying to figure it all out. I would like to wax poetic but it is more like leg waxing - I think.
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9 Responses to Using a new Tool – ToonDoo

  1. Chelsi says:

    Haha that’s great! I love how authentic it looks, like a published comic! Well done!

  2. kjehman says:

    I played around with Toondo as well this week – very easy, very cool! Great tool to insert graphics in presentations and great tool for students to share learning insights.

  3. kreuj says:

    what the visual says to me is 3 months in eci831 has given someone a baywindow, but then, shazam, it magically disappears. I want to know if we could all get ab’s of steel from eci831?

  4. tmemann says:

    Fantastic! I think students would love creating stories in this comic strip format as well as the look of the finished products. The disco flooring and fung fu bear combination is awesome btw!

  5. mickpanko says:

    Thanks fun and easy to do…

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