Pick your poison…

“My name is Mick and I have a problem…”

I will be the first to admit it – I have an addictive personality (this is a self diagnosis, and, although I did play a Dr. on t.v., my diagnosis may lack some validity).

I seem to have no ability to balance all of “life’s necessities” – you know the list: 80 rounds of golf a year, managing countless fantasy sport’s teams, coaching basketball, rec hockey, volunteer organizations, Facebook, tv, and reading countless useless sports blogs to help manage the aforementioned fantasy sports teams, not to mention the minor things…family, exercise, and my job (that is sarcasm :-P).

Time management is not my strong suit – I want to do, and be, all things to all people – often at the expense of those I care about the most. Life is all about choices (I read an interesting blog on just that by Chris Brogan…for me – the most important being the choice of how to manage time.

I have a great idea…let’s add another necessity to life – writing a blog. I have found myself percolating on blog entries at the weirdest of times.

If nothing else, the creation, and maintenance of a blog will allow me to chronicle my ongoing journey using social media.

Going back to the list of necessities, was the decision to join the Twitterverse. Initially, the decision was more out of curiosity as one of my athletes @mcfarljo encouraged me to follow some of our common interests – ie. basketball coaches. As he learned more, he got me linked in with a few educators around the world.

I didn’t really have any purpose for being on Twitter – at least I didn’t think I did – until I changed jobs and realized that many before me have made the transition into admin. I asked myself, why I would struggle through all of the new situations I was bound to encounter without any support. I have since expanded my following list to include many administrators and learned of countless Education resources and blogs that I read for inspiration and entertainment – I know it seems weird that an educator may provide entertainment but it is true!

The number of times I find myself emailing tweets to myself for review later on is actually a bit scary. Finding the time to review is truly the part I struggle with the most. By the time, I get to a tweet/blog it seems almost too late at times to comment as the conversation is old or dead.

I think the key for me is to pair down the number of blogs I will be reading and commenting on so that it is manageable. I guess the key, like so many things, is not the quantity but the quality I follow.

A couple of my current favorites for my needs are:

As I follow this path of more and more technology I need to remember a few things:

  • there is a 6 in the a.m. and you can exercise then.
  • the time to catch up on twitter is…not important…you can almost always find something worth a read.
  • this blog is essentially for me and I can find ways to make it useful.
  • I can make my technological world easier to manage using tools like Tweetdeck, Delicious, Diigo, and Google Reader. I just need to continue to learn how to make them work for me…

Quoting my classmate MikeT “How do you find the time?”

I guess the answer is, like everything else, you pick your poison…or your wife may do it for you! I love you dear…

Am I the only one who can’t seem to currently make the time? What are your tips to making this work?


About mickpanko

New HS vice-principal...trying to figure it all out. I would like to wax poetic but it is more like leg waxing - I think.
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3 Responses to Pick your poison…

  1. I was just thinking these same things! This semester involves teaching brand new courses, new grading system, a busy toddler at home, extra-curr, marking, no prep time, the list goes on. To then add blogging and tweeting and reading and writing makes for little down time. I think what has been slightly overwhelming to me is that there is no definitive end to online research and reading – it can take up as much time as you let it. For myself, who works best on a timeline, I have had to set aside specific times to blog, reply and tweet. I have also had to tell myself not to dwell too long on replies otherwise I edit forever! I snagged our IP teacher at my school today and he is going to help me with my course project and so that also relieves some of the stress that has started to creep in. I think you have been doing an incredible job at staying connected and making the most out of the social media – keep it up!

  2. onepercentyellow says:

    I love your writing style! So engaging and open. Nicely done.
    I think this will be a pretty common thought this week. Time management and focusing in on our projects and individual directions after this course will begin to creep in after the initial adrenaline rush of a new class. I’m working on a video (man these things take some editing time, but a skill I really want to develop!) and will introduce the idea of cohort groups in class tomorrow. Perhaps teaming up with others in similar fields or with similar goals may help manage some of the keeping up with our classmates and non-credit classmates. More tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Jodi says:

    Mick — another educator I know insists twitter IS worth the time if you’re following the right people with similar interests. I’ve yet to start playing!
    Here’s his blog http://www.thinkinginmind.com/
    and the one he mostly maintains for his school (grade 4-9)

    I use the latter all the time with my students to demonstrate some really engaging pedagogy.

    – Jodi

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